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Electronic filing for a financial management.
Website of  the Financial Administration of the Czech Republic. The site contains the latest information concerning taxes.

Official website of the Ministry of Finance, where you will find all information about public finances , taxes and duties , an overview of the development of the market .


Czech Social Security Administration - current information in the field of social security , download the applicable forms and documents etc.


Official website of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs provides information and services in the areas of employment , state social support, assistance in material need


Server contains a directory of government offices , contact information , office hours, relevant references from the public sector, the authorities here to search by application


Czech Tax Administration - Important Information on taxes and fees , related legislation and methodology , download tax forms , electronic tax filing option


Customs administration - current information on customs and some taxes , download all relevant forms and documents


The pages of the Czech Statistical Office provides information and analysis on the state's economy , movement, science and research, compared with other countries , etc.



Portal to European Union allows to consult the Official Journal of the European Union and it includes inter alia the treaties , legislation, case- law and legislative proposals.


Page official information system for public procurement , auctions and other offers.


Server Parliament of the Czech Republic, the Chamber of Deputies, where you will find all the information about what is happening in the Chamber of Deputies or the individual Members.


Server Industrial Property Office, where you can find information about patents, trademarks, etc.


Portal of the Public Administration of the Czech Republic has contacts at all public authorities of the Czech Republic , there are certain life situations described along with methods of their solutions , etc. .


This site is published in the Collection of Laws electronic form .


On this website you will find information about the property, including data from the Land Registry .


Information server of the Czech judiciary , where you can find information about the Czech judiciary commercial register data and other useful information.

Registers, records:

Server živnostenského rejstříku s možností vyhledání konkrétního podnikatelského subjektu se zobrazením jeho údajů, statistických informací o živnostenském podnikání

Registr plátců DPH ČR
Celostátní registr plátců DPH obsahuje informace o plátcích daně z přidané hodnoty.

Registr plátců DPH EU
Zde si můžete si ověřit platnost daňového identifikačního čísla (DIČ) přiděleného pro účely DPH v členském státě EU