Description                Price  Per unit
Accounting lump sum of tax record, order for payment of non-VAT payer (at least CZK 2,000 per month) agreement  
Accounting lump sum of tax record, order for payment of VAT payer (at least CZK 5,000 per month) agreement  
Reconstruction of accounting agreement  
Report of issued balance sheet agreement  
Bankruptcy accounting, sleeping company agreement  
Warehouse records (monthly fee) agreement  
Accounting item (prepared documents) 25 item
Accounting item (unprepared documents, foreign element, centers, orders, renovations, also late and incomplete delivery of documents, repeated calls) 30 item
Accounting and consulting completely bilingual -  english, german, russian language 35 item
Supervision of accounting 1.290 hour
Accounting consultation and accounting 550 hour
Settlement of home business trips 100 pcs
Settlement of foreign business trips 200 pcs
Publication of the annual financial statements in the prescribed format in the Commercial Register 500  
Tax advisor consultations 1.390 to 2.500 hour
Representation before the tax administrator 1.500 to 2.500 hour
General power of attorney for negotiations with the tax administrator free year
Deferral of tax returns for individual clients request 3.000 postponement
Deferral of tax returns for legal entity request 5.000 postponement
Value added tax 500 pcs
Additional VAT return (by the client) 500 pcs
Summary report in .xml format 300 pcs
Check message in .xml format - from 500 pcs
Real estate acquisition tax - from 1.500 pcs
Advance, withholding tax 500 report
Real estate tax 1.500 pcs
Road tax (minimum return 500 CZK) 400 car
Financial capacity 500 ks
Request for indebtedness 250 pcs
Invitation from the Tax Office 500 pcs
One-time personal income tax (active), without reports for HI and SI 500 to 2.500 pcs
Personal income tax (active), including reports for HI and SI from 3.000 pcs
Financial statements = monthly average for processing From 5.000 pcs
Corporate income tax (active) - calculated according to the formula:

turnover up to CZK 30 million: 3,000 + 0.10% of annual turnover + hours
turnover up to CZK 30 million: 18,000 + 0.05% of annual turnover + hours

From 3.000            to 33.000             
Processing for the company, including reporting 350 company
Main employment, secondary employment, contract for work, - Monthly payroll processing 300 employee
Contract for work – without limits 200 employee
Statutory authority - without limits 250 employee
Out-of-registration status 200 employee
Employee registration (social and health logging into PC records) 300 registration
Deregistration of employees from the records (log off the social and health records from PC) 300 deregistration
Manage execution 500 pcs
Sending payslips to employees by post 50 slip
Representation during inspections (Tax Office. Social Insurance Agency. Health Insurance Company. Labor Office) 550 hour
Retrospective reconstruction of the payroll agenda agreement  
Personnel consulting and payroll consulting 550 hour
Sending a delivered message to a client's contact - e-mail 30 report
Sending electronic documents via data box 30 report
Management for housing cooperatives. Owners Associations 50 flat / month
Annual reports agreement  
Receipt of Intrastat 1.500 month
Sending of Intrastat 1.500 month
Training, consultation, implementation of IS PREMIER System 1.290 hour
Time spent on the way 450 hour
Transport - travel expenses (minimum 400 CZK) 10 km


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