Trainig – PREMIER

Wages in system PREMIER for begginers
Overall wages setting (Globat preferences, settings, insurance comapies), posting setup, employee setup, monthly processing of wages, reports and outputs

Wages in sytem PREMIER - for those more advanced
E-attendance, Work at contracts, Execusions setup, Employee setup - statutar org., foreyners, irregulat working hours, concurrent employment relationships

Double-entry bookkeeping in PREMIER for begginers
Basic setup of an accountig entity, basic accountig of original documents (cash desk, bak, invoices), basic ledger monitoring in PREMIER System

Double-entry bookkeeping in PREMIER
Offsetting, a continued billing, invoice templates and their use (eg, monthly billing), Methods pairing system PREMIER, home banking, the most common errors and their corrections, VAT codes, Slovak VAT

The dead-line, inventory of accounts in the system PREMIER
The means of automatic monitoring of ledger - open items, the book inventory of accounts, inventory of assets, tax returns and notes to the financial statements

Controlling a financial analysis in system PREMIER
Management Reporting, evaluation, analysis, indicators of profitability, liquidity, solvency of the company, documents for bank loan

Tax office
Processing of tax returns and statements in the Prime Minister : VAT, Intrastat , billing withholding and advance tax , road tax, property tax, corporate income tax, individual income tax , excise duty

Tax records in the system PREMIER
Setting DE , non-cash transactions , billing and payroll panties , statements

Getting Started with warehouses in the PREMIER
Setting inventory control , work with storage cards , revaluation reserves, automatic creation of purchase orders , transfers , invoicing , entering receipts , release

Warehouses in the PREMIER Advanced
Setting warehouse management - warehouses , storage cards , ranges , types of motion segmentation . Setting sales prices rabatní group CrossReference , customer lists, e -shops , POS systems

Inventory control system PREMIER
Control mechanisms for controlling storage system PREMIER - Control calculation , auditor warehouse Open Items accounts, stocks , analysis of possible errors, their search and repair

Modules customers, suppliers and complementary functions of Premier
Evidence of invoices received and issued in local or foreign currency , Evidence of advance sheets , Creating reminders , penalties , payment order , revaluation of assets and liabilities , Features, Partners Directory , Listings , filter settings when viewing and printing

Property records and log book system PREMIER
Tangible and intangible fixed assets, Minor assets , accounting and tax depreciation and their relation to accounting, other assets , Travelling and Logbook

Consultation Workshop - solutions to individual requirements
Consultation on topics in all modules according to the individual requirements of registered participants .