APOS Introduces New Internet Pages

25/02/2014 12:40

Our ICT department has prepared new look of our pages www.apos.info for you. Do not expect sort of graphical revolution nor glittering effects; we rate flexibilty but not give way to fads. As well as in our services, we emphasize quality and thoroughness.

Which important news and benefits are there? Part of them you can utilize thanks to icons and buttons on the brand new functional tab in the upper right corner of window:

  • Easy orientation supported by Site Map
  • News, which are ready to be subscribed by you through RSS feeds
  • Print of any page you need to have in paper form with you
  • Five language mutations covering needs all of our clients
  • Search across the whole site

Brand essential change is hidden in the background - pages are implemented in content management system webnode.cz, thaks to which we can easy and therefore often and flexible actualize all we need. Ne pages concept proposes you many possibilities to communicate directly to us through message forms, polls etc.

If you would like to help us in next ipromevement of our site to get it really benefitial fo ryou, fill please our polls and/or send us your opinion on the message form on the News page. Thank you.